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The floating jetty is a floating dock that is designed to float up and down withAddtime 2019-07-16

The floating jetty is a floating dock that is designed to float up and down with the water level.High molecular weight high density polyethylene is an anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation and anti-purple line reinforced material, which is not subject to the erosion of seawater, chemicals, agents, oil stains and aquatic organisms.No pollution, no damage to the environment.

The upper surface of floating jetty is designed with non-slip pattern, which is safe and stable.The four corners are of an obtuse arc shape to avoid the common dangers of cement, wood and iron facilities, such as slipping, being stabbed by wood chips and rusty nails.High bearing capacity, the cylinder is stable and durable, the bearing capacity per square meter can reach more than 350kg.

It is not necessary to spend maintenance and repair costs, except for the use of force majeure and artificial improper in the natural environment.Simple assembly, fast, flexible, diverse modeling, the overall use of module structure, can meet the needs of a variety of landscape, quickly replace the platform modeling;The appearance of bright colors, beautiful shape, generally used in scenic tourist areas, but also enhance the publicity effect of the scenic area.

There are complete supporting equipment, such as mooring bolts, bollards, anti-collision balls, guardrails, landing bulwarks and pedals, etc., and floating jetty can berth ships of all sizes.Because its floating platform on the water its buoyancy characteristic, the wharf may rise and fall along with the water level automatically, the passenger embarks on the ship the safety, the comfortableness soars greatly.