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When you are choosing your floating bridge, you will need to think What materialAddtime 2020-02-28

Floating bridge typically come in one of two materials: wood and high-density polyethylene (or HDPE).

Wooden pontoons

As well as being modular and attractive, wooden pontoons are sturdy and kind on the environment. They are ideal for any natural location: sea, lake, pond and river. However, they do not offer quite the same modular flexibility as HDPE systems, especially cubes. That is why they are typically used for permanent rather than temporary structures.

HDPE pontoons and floating structures

These structures are particularly hard-wearing, flexible and easy to clean. They are more versatile than wooden pontoons, not least because there are many different ways to anchor them. They are especially well-suited to professional and temporary use, and they are also cheaper than wooden structures.

Modern floating bridges are versatile enough to cater to any requirement, no matter how specific. So, there will always be a solution to suit your demands and your environment.