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Factors affecting the price of water buoysAddtime 2019-07-31

The water buoy is a key element for the construction of the water platform. For the water terminal, the water pontoon and the water house, the existence of the water buoy is very important. The water buoy can not only quickly establish the water platform, but also reduce the water platform. Build costs.

    The cause of the price of the water buoy:

 1. Specifications: Different sizes of water buoys have a very big difference in the price of water buoys. The difference in specifications between water buoys made of the same material is almost equal to the difference in area. Therefore, when selecting specifications, it is necessary to decide according to the actual use and the use environment.

 2. Materials: There are subtle differences in the performance of water buoys made of different materials. The use of different materials for water buoys to make pontoons will make the difference in performance and quality very obvious. The water buoy made of high-quality materials, the water buoy has a long service life, and the polymer polyethylene material is used for one molding.

3. Characteristics: The application scope of the water buoy is very common. When producing the buoy, the characteristics of the buoy will be determined according to the specific application environment of the buoy. Buoys of superior quality are more expensive at the price level than general features.

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