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How is it fixed plastic floating dockAddtime 2019-06-10

 Plastic floating dock is widely used throughout the world.How is it fixed plastic floating dock.At the upper end of the floating wharf, there is a design cable winch, which is fixedly connected with one end of the cable, the other end of the cable is fixedly connected with the anchor block, the cable winch is fixedly connected with the driving equipment, the driving mechanism starts to move, the cable winch rotates to carry out the lifting and lowering work of the cable, and the upper part of the driving mechanism is fixedly connected with the brake.

The mooring disc above the plastic floating dock is connected with the anchor block by the cable, which drives the rotation of the mooring disc. The cable is in a tightening state, so that the plastic floating dock is fixed on the water surface. Therefore, the brake mechanism applies the brake to the driving mechanism, thus making the mooring disc fixed and avoiding the continuous rotation of the mooring disc.The device is simple and inexpensive, and is suitable for floating piers where piling is not possible or where the water level is deep.

Plastic floating dock is widely used in lakes in tourist attractions. It is a floating platform composed of a number of floating objects, such as pontoons, which are connected and combined together. As the floating dock floats on the water, it is impossible to fix the floating dock due to wind or water flow.

Fixed problem to solve the plastic floating dock, the existing technology, the edge of a buoy wall on the horizontal overhanging several ear, the ear hole in vertical direction, the use of pile driver will locate the pile through the ear hole in the bottom of the soil, to achieve the fixed on a floating docks, when the water level deeper, however, there are some surface area is not suitable for piling, using positioning piles of plastic floating dock of fixed-point fixed cost is higher.