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How does a Hiseaidock drive-on dock work?Addtime 2019-09-12

Our standard floating docks have a unique double width U channel running along the centre. These are the floats that a boat or Jetski sits on when it is on the dock. The grey cube floats running along the side add to the flotation capacity and stability.

The rearmost U float is lower than the rest and is very near the level of the water. It is this float that the keel of the boat first makes contact with as you drive on and has a sacrificial roller to protect the float from this first contact. As you drive further on, the weight of the boat is taken up by end of the dock which is pushed down under the water, thus forming it’s own ‘ramp’, allowing the boat to simply drive up onto it under power.

When the boat is fully on the dock,  weight is transferred along the dock and the back rises up again.

Now your hull, transom and outboard mount are safely out of the water and you can tilt your outboard up to hold that clear of the water too.

To drive off the dock you just untie your bow line, start your engine and apply power until you simply slide off backwards.